Smiley Sam 2017

Each year around Christmas for the last few years we’ve been going out with the good folk at Keech Hospice to help them raise money for their amazing cause. Here is what some of our helpers received last year:

If you’d like to help, get in touch with us around October November time as the time slots available fill up quite quickly!!

Blood Donation Drive

Hi Everyone,

As part of a Shree Prajapati Association UK effort with Mr Harkishanbhai (UK Coordinator of Seva Day –, we as a community have been asked to encourage blood donation with in the community. At the last Pratinidhi meeting all the branches agreed to make a conceited effort to make this happen around April time.

We’ve been in touch at a branch level and have created a poster with some dates on for weekend days where we can take part. If you would like to join us on either of these dates, please get in touch asap so we can coordinate this with you and the donation centres.

SPA Luton Management Committee.

5K Charity Colour Run

Some of our community are taking part in the 5km Colour Run, here is a little message from them:

Good evening

This weekend myself; Reena, Deena & Devina are raising money for Keech Hospice by taking part in a 5k colour run. Basically we get covered in powder paint whilst we run in a white t-shirt… By the end of it we pretty much look like a rainbow- a bit like a Holi run!

Would you be so kind, encouraging and generous by supporting us to raise money for a great cause.

Kind Regards

Reena Mistry.

SPA UK Mahila Samelan 2015

This year the Mahila Samelan is going to be on Sunday 26th April 2015, in Birmingham. The Topic will be ‘Evolving Culture’ covering aspects like Samaj, Home, Wedding Fashion and IT & Careers.

Please download the leaflet for more information.


SPA UK ITF Fundraising

Namaste All,

Please take a look at these events for our ITF Fundraising events in the North and South of the country. Download the flyers for more information:

Northern-SPA-ITF-Fund-Raising-Event-final  Southern-SPA-ITF-Fund-Raising-Event-final

Northern SPA ITF Fund Raising Event final

Southern SPA ITF Fund Raising Event final

Christmas Update (Newsletter)

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late update this time. I’ve been quite busy over that last few months. Since our last update, we’ve done quite a few things. We’ve had our Dinner Dance, Gents Night, Ladies Night, helped with fundraising for Keech Hospice (Smiley Sam) and had a small meet up to Christmas. Anyway I’ve attached a copy of our newsletter for everyone to read so please feel to do so.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday period and hope to see you in the new year.

Download Autumn 2014 Newsletter