5K Charity Colour Run

Some of our community are taking part in the 5km Colour Run, here is a little message from them:

Good evening

This weekend myself; Reena, Deena & Devina are raising money for Keech Hospice by taking part in a 5k colour run. Basically we get covered in powder paint whilst we run in a white t-shirt… By the end of it we pretty much look like a rainbow- a bit like a Holi run!

Would you be so kind, encouraging and generous by supporting us to raise money for a great cause.


Kind Regards

Reena Mistry.

Christmas Update (Newsletter)

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late update this time. I’ve been quite busy over that last few months. Since our last update, we’ve done quite a few things. We’ve had our Dinner Dance, Gents Night, Ladies Night, helped with fundraising for Keech Hospice (Smiley Sam) and had a small meet up to Christmas. Anyway I’ve attached a copy of our newsletter for everyone to read so please feel to do so.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday period and hope to see you in the new year.

Download Autumn 2014 Newsletter


Race for Life 2014

This year some of our members took part in the Race for Life again. This time hear about the events from one of our younger members:

This year, we had 7 ladies walk the 5K track at Stockwood Park on Sunday 22nd June. The weather was soaring, into the mid 20’s, but even the intensity of the heat did not affect us, meaning we finished in a fantastic time of around 58 minutes. All participants enjoyed themselves and a total of £480.66 was raised for Cancer Research, thank you to all who sponsored us.

By Parisha Mistry

Food Bank Donation

Using any excess funds from the last few events we have had take place, we have made a donation to the Luton Bank. As they only accept food as a donation, Ashockbhai, the Luton Branch Treasurer, has gone to the trouble of purchasing and and then delivering the food for donation. The delivery was on the 14th March 2014.

(Youth) Ball 2014

The Youth Ball Revival!

So we’ve just had our Ball for 2014. It was an excellent event and many thanks to the youth committee members who organised it. On the day there were over 130 people in attendance at the Ramada Warwick, Coventry. The theme was masquerade and it was awesome to see everybody in their different masks, some people even put in the extra effort to make theirs at home.

For those of you who couldn’t make this time, I’m afraid you missed out! But there is going to be another Ball next year, so get in touch as soon as you see the flyer go out.